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Alter Ego & Scoop are two UK producers who have been silently moving in the background making some huge moves and recently they have just signed a deal for some of their music catalog with the Ex Vice President of 'BMG Art Ford' who was in charge for 11 years in the Film & TV department! 

Alter Ego & Scoop have remixed for international star Adassa, BBC Three's Jodie Lea, Stevie Hyper D, Benny Vee & Dance Concept, UKG Legend K Warren & Leo from the Streets, Brittnee Camelle off the Voice USA and many more. 

Alter Ego & Scoop have been on many UK club promos across the national clubs and their last one scored a number #22 in the music week charts, as well as currently working with global #1 hit songwriter, Winston Sela who co wrote Maxi Priest Close to you. 

The future is looking bright for Alter Ego & Scoop!

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