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It’s not every day you hear a finalist from The Voice markthe start of time-travelling drum & bass trip. Then again, DJ SS’sFormation is not your everyday label...

The longest running imprint in drum & bass of all time,responsible for early releases from some of the most respected names in drum& bass such as G Dub, John B, Hazard, The Prototypes and TwistedIndividual, Formation have consistently grafted at the future coalface –unearthing new artists, fusions, sounds and ideas.

This incredible full-strength EP is no exception. A debutcollaboration between influential label boss DJ SS and rising BulgarianFormation family members High Roll, across the four tracks it’s a whirlwindride through some of the genre’s most enduring and alluring sounds, shades,styles and eras.

'The Pursuit' eases us in smoothly with a slinky fretlessbassline, lilting pianos and cosmic aesthetics. Yearning, vocals from The Voicefinalist Bizzi Dixon bring the groove together, flipping it from a lush liquidroller to an authentic and soul-arresting love song loaded with just the rightamount of poignancy.

SS and High Roll take us to the future with the EP’s secondtune ‘Next Step’. A barnstormer banger with theatrical broadsword bass swatheson the riff and a visceral drum swagger, this beyond peak time business.

'The Time Capsule' takes us past the point of no return. Aninsane fast-lane weave of chapters nodding from jungle to tech-step viahardcore, it lives up to its name with iced-out textures, intense aestheticpressure, basslines that turn your gut in knots and diced breaks that formedour very foundations.

Deeper into the capsule we ride as 'Old Skoolers' lays down ashapeshifting molten bass riff that nods to the late 90s with its MovingFusion-style warmth and hookiness. Heads-down all the way, watch out for lowflying instrumental elements as the track drives you deeper into the mix. …. Somuch so you’ll go back to ‘The Pursuit’ to sooth your soul and recover.

To appreciate the past, we must be bold enough to step intothe future: Something SS has done his entire career. With High Roll and BizziDixon on side, this truly is a one-way ticket in both directions. Enjoy the ride.

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